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Monday, October 20, 2008

Oh, Life!

So I was thinking I would make this blog just random pop culture stuff, but this time, it'll be personal. So hang on to your knickers. Or don't read this one. Doesn't really matter to me either way.

So much has happened over the last month. My dad lost his job a few days after his birthday. Yeah, no fun. A few days after that, we heard from my grandpa's (dad's dad) doctors that he was dying and we needed to say our goodbyes pretty soon. More sucky crapness. Then a lot of drama started with my brother. I can't say what it is, but it's bad. So the last month has been a great big suck hole for my family.

Now, instead of saving money for the beautiful wedding I have in my head, I am helping mom with groceries and bills. I'm never going to get a wedding. I was dreaming before when I had all these plans. I hate being pessimistic, but I can't help it right now. My poor parents are struggling to make ends meet on one income and I'm helping where I can, but I didn't have a lot of extra money to begin with. The whole reason I moved home was to save money.

Yeah... not working so well for me. On top of all this, I haven't seen my fiance in well over a month. I miss him like CRAZY!!! Daniel always has this ability to brighten me up, no matter what's happening. Unfortunately, his power right now is limited severly by the fact that all we have is the stupid phone and we're both depressed that it's been so long since we've been togther.

The only happy thing right this mintue is that I do get to see him in two days. I'm meeting most of his family in Longview on Thursday, and then we're driving back here so he can go to my cousin's wedding on Saturday and meet most of mine. It'll be nice to get away from here for a few days. Yay for mini four day vacations!!