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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Addiction Thy Name Is House (M.D.)

I bought the fourth season of House a little while ago after not having seen a single episode during the actual aired season. A risky decision, I know. When you think of the fact that TV season are not cheap, it was extra risky. But after having finished watching said season I have come to three conclusions:

A) It was a darn good buy
B) I hate the writers strike so much more now
C) I'm doubling my efforts to try and catch season 5

Hugh Laurie is a comedic god! House is pretty much the only show that I would buy without having seen a single episode on it. Why? Hugh Laurie has a rediculous way of delivering ANY line in the absolute funniest way possible.

To top that off, the entire supporting cast fits around him perfectly. That is a hard thing to do with such a large supporting cast in the first place. But then, just to show how superior this show really is, season 4 brought in even MORE new people, killed off a supporting cast member, and showed less of cast members we had all grown to love. How did this affect my devotion? Not one bit. I loved every single dramatic minute of it. Considering I am not really a dramatic person, that's saying something. It's all about the writing and acting! It's just sick.

During the Writers' Strike last season, I was knee deep in actual life and sadly I had no time to really watch any shows. Sure, I read about how programs were postponed, some were cancelled, others were fighting for their LIVES! But seeing as how I didn't have any real devotions to TV at the time, I didn't care. Now, it's hitting me. I own all of the House seasons. The first three seasons have six discs on them, making what I paid for them worth it. I'm not saying season four wasn't worth it; I already stated that it was. However, the mere four discs made my heart a little sad. There were eight episodes filled with witty lines and snappy reparte that I missed! That is not okay with me.

As for next season, the set up at the end of season four left a gaping hole for some serious drama that I am quite excited about. Friendships will be tested, toes will be stepped on, character growth will happen. Get excited! I am.

Oh, and P.S.- did I mention the fact that Hugh Laurie has the prettiest eyes EVER? Well, he does. Just sayin'...

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Engaged in Matrimony or Battle?

On July 26, 2008 I got engaged.

Oh what a happy, joyous, exubrant day! The heavens cheered, my mother wept (and so did his). I'm engaged! Who knew it would ever happen to me? I was skeptical. But lo and behold, the ring was mine, the man was mine! Now all I needed to do was... EVERYTHING!

What's the date?

Where is it?

What time?

What dress?

Color scheme?

Who's in the wedding?

How much are you spending?

OH DEAR GOD!!! What have I done?! Now I see why people elope. My cousin and his new wife actually just got married in Vegas last week. You know what? I don't blame them! I've looked at dresses, cakes, flowers, and invitations with my wedding not for another year. It's overwhelming to say the least. Then you have people who want a say so in what you do and how you run your wedding. Yes, I've heard it's "my day" and I can do whatever I want. Unfortunately it's so NOT true. My fiance does get some say, though he wants none. And I find that ironic since he really is the one I would like some help from. My mother wants a lot of say, though I would rather her not have quite as much. Then there's extended family who want to come and I don't have the funds to feed and entertain them.

Since when did a wedding morph into a day/afternoon/evening of entertainment for your friends and family. It's "my day" but on that day, I have to worry about whether everyone is having fun, whether they like the ceremony, whether they are enjoying the food and music. This is why people elope!!

And yet I can't because do you know why people don't elope? Because their families would hunt them down and kill them if they did. I've already been threatened by my grandmother. I have no choice. But if I had any advice for brides, it would be this: save your money, go to a JP and use the money to start your new life.