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Monday, January 26, 2009

Do You Hear the Wedding Bells?

Mom and I have officially overloaded ourselves this weekend. We bought my half my dress on Friday. We put it on layaway and paid half. It's not cheap. It is gorgeous, let me tell you! I can't put pictures up here because Daniel reads this and he doesn't even wanna know anything about it.

On Sunday, we went to the Bridal Show hosted by the Knot at Marketplace Center in Dallas. We weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into, but oh my! It was like a bridal expo! We tasted so much cake I think I gained about 30 pounds just from the buttercream and fudge. There were thousands of people and so many booths! Photography, caterers, limo services, carriage rides, registries, DJs, videography, invitations, gowns, chocolate fountains, banks, real estate agencies, they were ALL there!!! We went at two, and stumbled out in a bridal daze at 5:30. I have a huge bag full of business cards, flyers, price guides, menues, pens, and miscellaneous other items. I was so tired, I just plain knocked out at a family friends' house that we always go to for Sunday dinner.

Why so tired? Oh, because I now have two, count 'em Two, jobs. On top of my Barnes and Noble gig, I am also doing morning receptionist duties at a CPA firm in Dallas Monday through Friday. I wake up at 6, go to work, come home for two hours (during which I usually nap), and head back out to Barnes and Noble until midnight or later. That puts me with 5 hours of sleep once I get home, settled, and bedded. So yeah, Emma is a tired girl these days. But you do what you must to survive. The extra money is hopefully gonna help subsidize this dang wedding.

And my nephew is firmly on his way into the world. Miss Kayla is approaching 22 weeks. They're taking it all in stride, while mom and I kinda hyperventilate about how this whole two home, one kid thing is gonna work. Not to mention the added financial strain of a dad not working and an aunt and gra... (still up in the air about the name) funding the kid here. But little Carter Thomas (for now) will be loved, and that's what counts, right? Right!

Oh! And one last thing- please keep Daniel and his family in his prayers. His grandfather is going home to be with Jesus soon, at least that's what the doctors are saying.

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